September 25, 2010

Alex's English Rush - 6th Rush

Wordle: This weeks podcast in text form.

Where have I been? Was I kidnapped? On a business trip? At the bottom of a well? No, I was on summer vacation, which was actually busier than when I'm working. I'm back to work now and English Rush is back.

If you missed me, let me know in the comments. If you didn't miss me, let me know in the comments.
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Show Notes Music

Here are the flags for the UK, and the countries which make it up. Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.

The easiest way to listen is to subscribe. That way, you'll get the podcast as soon as it's available. It's really easy. Don't forget to download the PDF files too. If you download them, you can try a simple gap fill activity, see some keywords translated into Japanese, and get a transcript of the whole podcast.


Keshav Khera said...

Damn right we missed you.
Get back right naow!

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